Chops for iPad

Updates In Version 1.02
* Mixer values are saved for each style.
* New buttons to make editing and entering chords faster and easier.
* The Minor Triad button has been changed from “-” to “Min”
* A new UI style
* Improvements to “Jump”, “Country”, and “Smooth” styles

If there is no sound, make sure your iPad is not set to mute.
1) Check the Mute switch on the side of the iPad next to the volume button.
2) – Double-tap the home button
– Swipe from left to right
– Tap the speaker icon on the left so it is not muted.
– Restart the app.

Chord Symbol Reference:

7 Dominant 7
-7 Minor 7
Major 7
Minor Triad
Maj Major Triad
+ Augmented Triad
Dim Diminished Triad
Dim7 Diminished 7
Minor 7 ♭5
-▵ Minor Major 7
7sus 7 suspended 4

Other chords can be constructed using the tension notes:
(The tension notes are 9, ♭9, ♯9, 11, ♯11, 13, and ♭13)


C6 C Major Triad and 13
C-6 C Minor Triad and 13
C add2 C Major Triad and 9
CMin add2 C Minor Triad and 9

App Instructions
Chops for iPad has 4 modes: Play, Edit, New, and Tuner. Switch to any of these modes by tapping the black “Play”, “Edit”, “New” or “Tuner” buttons.

To select a song: In Play mode, tap the “Songs” button, this will bring up your list of available song titles

Chops Song Selector

Tap on the song title you would like to play over and then tap the “Select” button to select it. Or tap the “Exit” button to cancel, or the “Delete” button to delete the selected song title.

After you select a song title, the chord changes will be displayed on screen.

The “Key” and “Tempo” sliders are used to change key and tempo. Tap any of the style buttons to change to another style (“Swing”, “Bossa”, etc.”).

Use the “Play” and “Stop” buttons to control audio playback. Sliders and buttons (except for the “Stop” button are disabled during playback.

To create a new song, switch to “New” mode. Here you will enter a new song title, select the number of measures for the song, and then tap the “Go” button.

Chops New Song

When you tap the “Go” button your new song’s chord chart will be displayed using default chords. You will be in edit mode. Double-tap on each chord to change its root, chord type, and tension. Changes are automatically saved, and your new song can be retrieved from the list of song titles found by tapping “Songs” in Play mode.

You can switch to Edit mode at any time to edit any song’s chords.

Chops Edit

To make sure your instrument is in tune with the app, switch to “Tuner” mode, and select a tuning note. Tap the “Mute” button (or any other button) to stop tuning.

Chops Tuner

At the bottom left corner of the screen you will find an info icon (“i”). Tapping this icon will bring up the app’s instructions.

Chops Info

You can also change the display settings of the chord charts, for example:

Chops White Background

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