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Chops is a practicing aid for musicians. Enter the chord changes you want to play over, or select chord changes from the included library of standard chord progressions, and Chops will strike up the band in any of 15 jazz and rock styles, in all 12 keys, and at your choice of tempo.
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Ear Training
Ear Training is an educational tool for musicians to improve their relative pitch. Learn major and minor modes, intervals, triads, inversions and seventh chords. Practice recognizing chords and scales by ear with notation, then test your ability to recognize chords and scales by ear alone. Test results are broken down by category so you can focus on the categories that need improvement.
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Pentatonica includes scales from Jazz, Indian and Asian music. Use the Chord Matcher to find all the different pentatonic scales you could be playing over your chord changes. There’s a quick reference so you can look up the notation for any pentatonic scale, in any key, complete with all 5 guitar forms in TAB. Also, create your own pentatonic scales and find out what chords you can play them over!
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Concert A
Concert A is a high precision tuner for classical musicians. Tune your instrument to Concert A with a range of 410-480hz and 0.001hz precision. Tone options include pure sine wave and oboe.
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